What can you expect?

In this masterclass, we will walk you through the Insight Framework, a unique methodology developed whilst working with hundreds of social innovators around the world. The Insight Framework will allow you to build a strong and unforgettable pitch to unlock new sources of funding.

This session will use case studies and live demonstrations to ensure a highly interactive experience. Participants will get to practice and apply the concepts through live exercises and on the spot feedback.


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Fredrik Galtung

Founder of Integrity Action

“Remarkable thing is introducing basic concepts that encapsulate what is essentially needed. This has been extremely helpful.”

Pam Warhust

Founder of Incredible Edible

“What a brilliantly presented day. I truly have put my brain in gear around what I am and the pitch. I'm glad I came.”

Gemma Galdon Clavell

Founder of Eticas

“What an amazing session, this was incredibly helpful. Thank you very much to the entire team.”

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